‘It stinks’: Twitter gets wind of oddly named Trump tariff bill draft 

BREAKING: Colbert writers speechless — for a couple minutes.

Leaked Fart Act draft reportedly suggests US abandons WTO rules

Source: The Guardian


Antler Kitchen & Bar chef Michael Hunter carved deer leg in window after vegans came to protest 

Next time I’m in Toronto, I’m heading to Antler, too.

These things get so ridiculous … so tediously ridiculous.

The group of animal rights activists were incensed that the Toronto restaurant claimed to offer ethical meat. The chef said it was hurting his business.

Source:  The Washington Post

Over the weekend, Kelly told associates that he was dismayed by Scaramucci’s interview and found it abhorrent and embarrassing for the president.


Wait a minute … John Kelly found Scaramucci’s comments “abhorrent and embarrassing?”  What about his boss? 

No really … what about Trump?