How Suffering Farmers May Determine Trump’s Fate 

“I walked in there knowing that’s how they felt,” Volenec told me, referring to the Trump Administration. “The part that was unnerving to me was that he said it to our faces. They’re not trying to hide it anymore. They’re telling us flat out: You’re not important.”

Source: How Suffering Farmers May Determine Trump’s Fate | The New Yorker

Dancing On A Hillside: The Grateful Dead At Alpine Valley 

The Grateful Dead played at Alpine Valley Music Theatre 20 times from 1980 to 1989. Fans trucked to the southeastern Wisconsin venue from all over the country. Producer Steve Gotcher attended most of those shows. On the day that turned out to be their last concert at Alpine in July of ’89, he decided to record the sounds of the scene in the parking lot. Here’s what he found.

Source: Dancing On A Hillside: The Grateful Dead At Alpine Valley | Wisconsin Life

A new low.

What a disgusting dick of a human being. A waste of good skin. I’ll probably have the Secret Service on my ass but only after they get out of quarantine.

Sen. Tim Carpenter is a good and decent man. He doesn’t deserve to even have his name uttered by that asshole.

A Tale of Two Businesses …

Ever step in a place and that little voice says, ” This ain’t right …” (my little voice swears a lot and has a southern accent.)

I stopped at Gino’s on Verona Road and it didn’t go well. Right out of the gate, an extra from Duck Dynasty runs into me from behind the counter. No mask. I look around — no one behind the counter — or the cash register — had a mask. Just then, an unattended child runs by and that’s when Cletus ( he has a name, too) spoke up. I was disappointed because I’ve been going to Gino’s for years. But, if they’re not going to take this seriously, I can do without.

I was excited to find Sunn Cafe open in Mount Horeb. I walked in, everyone was respecting the social distancing, EVERYONE in the kitchen and at the counter were in masks. I ordered “The Bomb,” left the Babcock Hall Ice Cream for next time and thanked whomever for The Flying Burrito Brothers on the music box and for taking COVID seriously.

Listen — I know these are trying times for everyone, especially small businesses. But, if we’re going to try and help by stopping by, ordering online, doing curbside pick-up, you better do your part. Follow the recommendations and especially those of your customers. Don’t give me “that look” when I ask why no one is wearing masks. ‘Cuz I don’t care how good your lasagna is, I’m gone.

But, you do what you want.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules to strike down Evers’ stay-at-home order

The conservative-controlled court sided with Republican lawmakers who sued over the Democratic governor’s order.

Did anyone seriously think the court that voted by video (while social distancing) to send the commoners to vote in person during a pandemic would not “give it to ’em” one more time? Please.

The Republican leadership is playing politics with human lives. I honestly thought they’d never reach this literal crisis point. I never thought they would send citizens to the polls in the middle of a pandemic simply because they were scared they might lose an election. And, I never thought they’d sue the governor — a governor who is trying best as he and his team can to walk the tightrope between keeping people safe and keeping business … in business.

But I was wrong. Republican leadership lost their souls a long, long time ago. To be fair, politicizing issues has gone on forever — both sides doing it. But — and I’m fairly certain the tipping point was the 2008 presidential election — one side saw the writing on the wall. Their base was shrinking and along with it, they became severely threatened that their “way of life” and their “values” were shrinking along with it. They became determined to fight. They gerrymandered the state and then stacked the Supreme Court. It’s a brilliant strategy. But they made a deal with the devil in 2016. And the devil wants his due. It will come soon enough. I just hope the assholes are held responsible and don’t take the good people of Wisconsin down with them.

Source: Wisconsin Supreme Court rules to strike down Evers’ stay-at-home order

In Wisconsin, Virus Creates New Front in Long-Simmering Partisan Wars 

Protests planned for Friday continue a decade-long partisan cleaving in the state and serve as a stand-in for the general election battle to come.

Source: In Wisconsin, Virus Creates New Front in Long-Simmering Partisan Wars – The New York Times

I refuse to admit it but maybe it’s so:  we as a democracy and maybe even as a species … are fucked.

No where is that more apparent than my own god-damned state.