“I’d rather feel bad than not feel anything at all …”

July 16, 1982 ~ Zevon releases “The Envoy.”

The album was poorly received — in sales and by Warren’s record label. In fact, they dropped him shortly after its release sending him into a month’s-long tailspin. The whole episode forced him to get sober and straight and he stayed that way for the rest of his life.

I’m not sure why the album did poorly ‘cuz it’s classic Zevon. I can’t do without “Ain’t That Pretty At All” and “Never Too Late for Love” can still choke me up.

July 10, 1992 – Shakey and The Excitable Boy meet in a diner …

In Zevon’s biography, which features passages from his diaries, the late singer writes poetically about how a chance meeting with Young in 1992 led to the two taking to the stage at the Winter Park Resort in Colorado together:

“July 10, 1992-Colorado: Stopped to eat at what seemed like no more than a crossroads in the middle of nowhere: we walked in and there was Neil Young and his wife, Pegi,” he wrote. “They’re with their son at camp: pure coincidence.”

Source: Warren Zevon and Neil Young’s duet on ‘Splendid Isolation’