The Heart of Saturday Night

Tom Waits releases his second — and my favorite — album, The Heart of Saturday Night, a kind of tribute to Jack Kerouac, on October 15, 1974 …

Real Gone

October 3, 2004 ~ Tom Waits releases “Real Gone.”

It’s not my fav Waits album — it’s has its moments but it’s a hard listen. I think Amanda Petrusich nails in her review for Pitchfork. She’s speaking to the opening track “Top Of The Hill” but I think it pretty much sums up the whole album:

The song heaves on even when you think it should stop, growing increasingly breathless by the second, as if Waits really was lumbering uphill, begging you for a lift. And when you finally stop wincing, when you finally pull over and open the door– you grin and you dance.


I always thought songs were movies for the ears and movies are like songs for the eyes.

Tom Waits

My favorite all around performance artist. He can write a wicked lyric, his acting is highly under-rated and his sense of humor is priceless. Happy birthday …