“Girl, we couldn’t get much higher …”

September 17, 1967 ~ Appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Doors are asked to change the line “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher” in their hit “Light My Fire” to “Girl, we couldn’t get much better.” They agree, then Morrison sings the offending line anyway, pissing-off the host and earning a lifetime ban from the show.


Joni at Isle of Wight 

August 29, 1970 ~ The Isle of Wight Festival hits its stride on Day 4 of 5, with performances by Miles Davis, The Doors and The Who.

Joni Mitchell’s set is interrupted by a hippie named Yogi Joe who has to be removed by security. Some of the hundreds of thousands of fans at the festival are there to protest its consumerism, believing that music should be free. When Yogi Joe comes on stage, it’s peaceful at first – he and Mitchell are acquainted. But when he starts banging on the congas, Mitchell asks him to leave, which is when he grabs the microphone and goes on a rant while as Mitchell plays on.

The crowd begins to show its displeasure with Joni, but she not only stays on stage, but chides the audience. “You’re acting like tourists,” she says. “Give us some respect.”

They do, listening quietly as she finishes her set.

Chicago 1968

August 28, 1968 ~ At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, overzealous police in riot gear brutally beat protesters who are demonstrating against the Vietnam War. The Doors, Graham Nash and Phil Ochs all write songs about it.

Just a kid and visiting my Big Sis in Wausau, I remember sitting in the living room of her apartment watching the whole scene unfold on TV. It was surreal and still feels like it was yesterday.

The Lizard King 

March 1, 1969 ~

The Doors appear at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, Florida. It’s another epic Doors performance and some in the community don’t take kindly to The Lizard King, the police charging him for allegedly hauling the lizard out during the show.Whether or not Morrison really exposed himself is unclear; Manzarek claims that he just took his shirt off and waved it in front of his crotch to taunt the audience.