The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles

The Rolling Stones never appeased Garcia’s appetite in the same way that their compatriot’s The Beatles did: “Garcia thought, The Rolling Stones’ music was not that much of a surprise, because I’d listened to a lot of rhythm and blues, and early Rolling Stones was similar to that music, although not as well done. But the Beatles were doing something new and they had great musical ideas and a great thing going. Plus, seeing the movie Hard Day’s Night was a turn-on.”

~ David Nelson, New Riders of The Purple Sage

Source: The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles

Love is all you need …

June 25, 1967 ~ BBC producer Aubry Singer’s dream of the first-ever world wide satellite broadcast featuring creative artists from around the globe comes to life. The 2.5 hour broadcast dubbed “Our World” is actually beamed to different parts of the world at different times. Artists include opera singers, Maria Callas and Pablo Picaso. Oh .. and The Beatles.

The Viet Nam War is at its epoch and The Beatles are asked to provide a “postive message” for their segment. The band invites many friends including Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Graham Nash and The Rolling Stones. The event aptly ushers in “The Summer of Love.”

Yesterday and Today

The Beatles release “the butcher cover” album on June 20, 1966.

The original cover was considered the Fab Four’s comment on the Vietnam War. About 750,000 copies of the album were printed in the USA and shipped to DJs. Word got out, people freaked — including the Chairman of EMI, Capitol Records’ parent, and the album was recalled. The new album with a new photo was released at the same time.