Happy birthday, Sheryl …


Sheryl Crow 

Sheryl Crow releases her sophmore album — and my favorite — on September 24, 1996.

Unlike her debut album, this one is all hers — written and produced by her and her alone.

It includes “Redemption Day,” a song that Johnny Cash took a fancy to and recorded just before he passed away. Sheryl included it on her latest release, “Threads” as a duet and it’s a damn show-stopper.


Lilith Fair

The festival that put women first debuts on July 5, 1997. Formed by Sarah McClachlan, the festival donated over $10M to charity over its run from 1997-99 and in 2010. (It also introduced me to The Dixie Chicks on two nights — Milwaukee and Minneapolis — in 1999.)

McClachlan brought Lilith Fair to a close in 2011 citing changing musical tastes and changing demographics. I think she was premature.

Source: Lilith Fair – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up …

Heart announce “Love Alive Tour” featuring Joan Jett, Brandi Carlile, and Sheryl Crow

“I think this year is a good year to show the collective impact of some powerful women in music”

Heart’s Nancy Wilson

The sisters weren’t speaking to each other for a while (that’s another story) but like all good families they’ve pushed all that bad stuff behind them.

Now, let’s rock.

Heart 2019 tour dates love alive joan jett brandi carlile sheryl crow
Heart Love Alive Tour Dates 2019