“This roller coaster ride you’re on won’t stop to let you off …” 

July 7, 1977 ~ Styx release their seventh album and it’s the one that send them into the rock stratosphere.



Initiation turns 45

This album came out the summer of my graduation from high school – June 14, 1975 – and was all over my fav radio station, WBAY-FM in Green Bay. I proceeded to wear out two vinyl copies having not read The Runt’s warnings in the liner notes:  “Due to the amount of music on this disc (over one hour), two points must be emphasized. Firstly, if your needle is worn or damaged, it will ruin the disc immediately …”  No matter — I would’ve bought a hundred. It’s still one of my fav Rundgren albums.

Get your trip together and turn it up.

Inititation cover


May 8, 1972 ~ Wishbone Ash release their third album. It becomes their most successful and critically acclaimed and introduces the world — and a geeky 12 year-old in Oshkosh, Wisconsin —  to the twin-lead guitar of Andy Powell and Ted Turner. Wishbone Ash inspire later bands like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden.