The Kick Inside

Kate was only a teenager when she undertook such a highly ambitious project to rewrite a centuries-old ballad. She released The Kick Inside on February 17, 1978 …


Fly By Night

Neal Peart joins Rush and immediately has an impact, eventually becoming the lyrical driving force for the band.  He pens the title track and much of Fly By Night, released February 15, 1975.

BTW, if you’re one of the lucky ones who has the original vinyl versions of FBN you know it features a locked groove at the end of “By-Tor & The Snow Dog.” The chimes just go on and on and on and on …

Dig it.

“Big man, pig man … Ha, ha, charade you are …” 

Pink Floyd releases Animals on January 23, 1977.  The album is the follow-up to the monster Wish You Were Here and even included it’s own Spinal Tap moment. During the shoot for their Animals album cover, a 40-foot inflatable pig being photographed at Battersea Power Station breaks free. Pilots in the London area are warned of a pig loose in the skies, which reaches a height of 18,000 feet before coming down in Kent.

And, of course, the lyrics are as meaningful today — maybe even more so — than they were in ’77.  While the critics at release were less than impressed, time as it often does strips down this work into a true masterpiece. Do yourself a favor — put on a pair of headphones and emerse yourself.


Remembering Rush’s Neil Peart, The Relentless Idealist 

Even amid tragedy, the beloved drummer’s beliefs and music never crumbled into cynicism

The accolades continue for one of the great drummers and lyricists in the rock n’ roll era. Neil Peart was that and much more — he was also a thoughtful and well-read thinker. Nick Burns’ piece frames Peart well …

Source: Remembering Rush’s Neil Peart, The Relentless Idealist | Consequence of Sound