Lucinda Williams Emasculates Trump in New Song ‘Man Without a Soul’ 

Good lordy, Lu not only went there, she went there, kicked the door down and took names.

Lucinda Williams announces her new album ‘Good Souls Better Angels’ with the Trump takedown song ‘Man Without a Soul.’

Source: Lucinda Williams Emasculates Trump in New Song ‘Man Without a Soul’ – Rolling Stone



His politics got a little wonky for me in the latter days, but I’ve been diggin’ the CDB since college when Charlie Daniels introduced me to “southern rock.” I was hooked. I met him doing a interview a few years later and I was at his induction into the Grand Ol’ Opry on January 19, 2008. Charlie Daniels IS the genuine article.

Wanted! The Outlaws 

Released on January 12, 1976 …

Wanted! The Outlaws is a compilation album by Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser consists entirely of previously released material. It’s also the first “country” album I ever bought. Apparently, I wasn’t alone — it earned its place in music history by becoming the first country album to be platinum-certified, reaching sales of one million.