Pistol Annies ‘Interstate Gospel’: Miranda Lambert’s Heartache Country 


“It takes a judge to get married / It takes a judge to get divorced / Well, for the last couple years, I’ve spent a lot of time in court.” That’s how Miranda Lambert opens up “Got My Name Changed Back,” the best of the three singles that she used to introduced Interstate Gospel, the new album from her band Pistol Annies. That’s a great punchline, and she delivers it with a kind of snappy conversational weariness. But it’s all true. For the four years that Lambert was married to Blake Shelton, her fellow country music superstar, she legally changed her name to Miranda Shelton. When they broke up, with Shelton immediately taking up with his fellow The Voice coach Gwen Stefani, it was a huge tabloid story. But with that one line, she dismisses that whole thing. She takes a tabloid narrative and turns it into an artful punchline. It’s a perfectly badass no-big-deal move. Lambert was already a country superstar when she formed Pistol Annies with her friends Ashley Monroe and Angaleena

Source: Pistol Annies ‘Interstate Gospel’: Miranda Lambert’s Heartache Country – Stereogum

Lucas Defends the Wylie Lama from Redneck During “Redneck Mother” 

At a show on Friday, May the 4th at Love and War in Lindale, TX, Ray Wylie Hubbard was singing his iconic, signature song “Redneck Mother.” Right as Ray Wylie was spelling out “mother,” and extending the ‘R’ for “Rrrredneck,” a real life redneck decided it was the perfect time to crash the stage.  pic.twitter.com/84gF8naqLL

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