One More From The Road 

September 13, 1976 ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd release the live album.

Skynyrd had been a big supporter of rock promoter Alex Cooley and when he went on a drive to save the legendary Fox Theatre in Atlanta from demolition, they were the first to ask how they could “put some grease in the frying pan.” The result was one of the greatest live concert albums in rock.


Knebworth 1976

August 21, 1976 ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd opens for the Rolling Stones and for many, they steal the damn show.

The Stones had only one rule … don’t go out on “the tongue.”  You can see they don’t want to go, but Ronnie literally drags Stevie Gaines and Ed King out there during “Free Bird.
Dig it.

Ozark Music Festival 

July 19 – 21, 1974. The worst rock festival ever. Music was fabulous but the organizers were amateurs. 50,000 were expected and over 160,00 showed up. Portable toilets were backed up, it rained and turned everything to mud. Nearby farmers lost cattle and hogs (hippies gotta eat) and someone had the brilliant idea of sending helicopters in to spread lime — apparently to fend off disease.

The whole event prompted the Sedalia City Council to ban any and all future rock concerts in perpetuity.

Source: Ozark Music Festival – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up …

Unfurling ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ A Tapestry Of Southern Discomfort

Turn it up …

More than 40 years after its release, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama is still one of the most recognized rock anthems celebrating the deep South. It’s also a song with a complicated legacy. (Image credit: Tom Hill/WireImage)

Source: Unfurling ‘Sweet Home Alabama,’ A Tapestry Of Southern Discomfort