Highway 61 Revisited 

Released on August 30, 195, it’s #4 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time  and includes the greatest rock ‘n roll song of all time: “Like A Rolling Stone.”

Orpheus named the album after the highway which connected his birthplace of Duluth, Minnesota, to southern cities famed for their musical heritage, including St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and the Delta blues area of Mississippi.


June 16, 1965 ~ The Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Song Ever is born 

Orpheus struggled with the song. Al Kooper, his keyboard player, suggested a “rock” format and promptly improvised the famous organ riff.

Over the years, it became clear the song was revolutionary in more than its lyrics. It’s considered one of the most influential compositions in rock. It’s #1 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. And, in 2014, the handwritten lyrics from the pencil of Dylan fetched over $2M at auction.

“fucking loud!”

May 17, 1966 ~ Orpheus has just “gone electric” and all the tight-ass folkies are losing their collective minds. At the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England, Dylan’s ready to launch into his latest hit, “Like a Rolling Stone,” when one of those tight-asses  shouts out, “Judas!” Dylan responds with, “I don’t believe you,” adding, “You’re a liar!” He then proceeds to tell the band to play the song “fucking loud.”

Orpheus and the band … play it loud.



The controversy started with Newport in 1965 and followed Orpheus throughout his 1966 tour of Europe. The “issue” was an electric guitar, some amps and drums. The folkie tight-asses didn’t like that Dylan had “gone electric” and it came to a head on May 17, 1966 in Manchester, England.  Dylan is playing the Manchester Free Trade Hall and between songs, a heckler yells, “Judas!”  Orpheus responds in classic form, turns to the band and says, “Play it fuckin’ loud.”