“The band that will destroy you in more ways than one.” ~ Eric Burdon 

September 17, 1967 ~ Keith Moon of The Who rigs his bass drum to explode at the end of “My Generation” during their appearance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, but he doesn’t realize that the stage crew has already done the deed. The resulting explosion cuts Moon’s leg, singes Pete Townshend’s hair and an eardrum, and scares the shit out of fellow guests Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney.


A matter of “pee” … The letter John Lennon wrote about Keith Moon’s wild antics

While the stories Nilsson shared with Lennon have become the stuff of legend, Lennon was less enthused about the party boy shenanigans of Keith Moon. The drummer who once asked to audition for The Beatles was a source of constant disruption which would come to a head while Lennon recorded songs for his infamous LP Rock ‘n’ Roll with the equally infamous producer Phil Spector.

Source: The letter John Lennon wrote about Keith Moon’s wild antics

“Can anybody play the drums?” 

November 20, 1976 ~ After Keith Moon passes out at his drum kit, The Who pull a fan from the audience to take over.19-year-old Scot Halpin is the lucky fan chosen to complete the set at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. He does an admirable job on the three remaining songs – “Smokestack Lightning,” “Spoonful,” and “Naked Eye” – and takes a bow with the group.

Rolling Stone names him their “Pick-Up Player Of The Year.”As for Moon, management blames jet lag, but it probably has something to do with the horse tranquilizers he ingested.

Source: “Can anybody play the drums?” – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up …