Stills 2

June 30, 1971 ~ The Captain releases his second solo album. A few noteables stop by to lend a hand:  Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Nils Lofgren, Dr. John, David Crosby and Jerry Garcia. Hell, famed rock photog Henry Diltz even does some backing vocals work.


The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles

The Rolling Stones never appeased Garcia’s appetite in the same way that their compatriot’s The Beatles did: “Garcia thought, The Rolling Stones’ music was not that much of a surprise, because I’d listened to a lot of rhythm and blues, and early Rolling Stones was similar to that music, although not as well done. But the Beatles were doing something new and they had great musical ideas and a great thing going. Plus, seeing the movie Hard Day’s Night was a turn-on.”

~ David Nelson, New Riders of The Purple Sage

Source: The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles

Europe ’72

If you’re a Dead Head, you’ve got this in your collection. If you’re not a Dead Head and want a good start — get it. The triple-live album is released on November 5, 1972, and documents the Dead’s most expensive and expansive tour ever. Their label hoped to recoup costs so they recorded every damn thing the band did over the two-month tour. The result is arguably the best sample of what the Grateful Dead were all about. And probably their finest work.