None of us have the promise of tomorrow, God forbid this is my last day on this beautiful earth, it won’t be spent listening to some news person telling me how rotten we are, how rotten life is, heck no, I’m going out and seeing how beautiful life is. As humans, our time on this planet is very limited…

Turn off, tune out and turn on your life.


Frank Zappa

Thank you to our “East Coast Correspondent” who found this on WRNR’s Facebook page …


“Some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground …”

Frank Zappa and The Mothers were in Montreux, Switzerland on December 4, ’72, playing the Montreux Casino when “some stupid with a flare gun” burned the place down. Also there were Deep Purple, working on their masterpiece, recording it on a mobile studio owned by The Rolling Stones.

Machine Head is released on March 31, 1972.