Editorial: The beclowning of Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald 

Vos and Fitzgerald … the Collins English Dictionary refers to a circumstance in which individuals are “beclowned” by making fools of themselves.

Source: Editorial: The beclowning of Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald | Editorial | madison.com

Editorial: Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald are contemptible liars

It was evident to any honest observer that the company’s promise to develop a manufacturing plant in southeastern Wisconsin that would ultimately employ as many as 13,000 workers represented an absurd and unobtainable promise by a foreign corporation that wanted to get on the good side of Donald Trump before the president started imposing tariffs.

Cap Times Editorial
Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald
Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, left, and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald could have made the flawed Foxconn deal better, but they failed to do so. Now they have rightly garnered a “pants-on-fire” rating from PolitiFact for trying to blame someone else for the Foxconn mess. SCOTT BAUER, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Foxconn Considers Bringing Chinese Workers to Wisconsin as U.S. Labor Market Tightens – WSJ

Beautiful timing, WSJ … beautiful!

Facing one of the tightest labor markets in the U.S., Foxconn has been trying to tap Chinese engineers through internal transfers to supplement staffing for its planned Wisconsin plant, according to people familiar with the matter.

Source: Foxconn Considers Bringing Chinese Workers to Wisconsin as U.S. Labor Market Tightens – WSJ

Before Foxconn got access to millions of gallons of Lake Michigan water, Wisconsin quietly gave small village even more 

Can’t wait to hear the explaination from Scott Walker and former DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp on this one …

People are surprised about the lack of transparency on this. I’m not sure we want a situation where a state is unilaterally increasing a water diversion by millions of gallons a day without any public notification.

Source: Chicago Tribune

The help for Foxconn underscores how Gov. Scott Walker and fellow Republicans, since voters gave them control in 2010, have engineered the biggest shift in natural resource management in decades by easing regulations and promoting business-friendly policies. 

The changes have wide-ranging implications for the public — from fewer protections for lakes, streams and wetlands to less money spent on recycling programs, state parks and public land purchases. 

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