A sad day.


Solitude Standing 

The Mother of the MP3 releases her most successful and critically acclaimed album on April 1, 1987 …

… the vocal track from the original a cappella version of “Tom’s Diner” was so admired for its simplicity and clarity that it became the test track used by German scientists to perfect the mp3. According to an article Ms.Vega stumbled upon in 2000 in the (now defunct) magazine Business 2.0, lead scientist Karl-Heinz Brandenburg (“who looks like a mad scientist”) heard the tune being played down the hall form his research lab and thought the natural warmth of Ms.Vega’s voice would be the perfect template around which to improve his mp3 algorithm. If Brandenburg could figure out a way to compress such a delicate track without diminishing its glow, he could work with anything.

John S.W. MacDonald, The Observer