“Glide on the Peace Train … “

Cat Stevens releases Teaser and The Firecat on October 1, 1971 …

Sheryl Crow 

Unlike her debut album, this one is all hers — written and produced by her and her alone.

Sheryl Crow releases her sophmore album — and my favorite — on September 24, 1996.

It includes “Redemption Day,” a song that Johnny Cash took a fancy to and recorded just before he passed away. Sheryl included it on her latest release, “Threads” as a duet and it’s a damn show-stopper.



The Concert in Central Park 

Simon & Garfunkel reunite for a free concert in Central Park on September 19, 1981. Simon has said he didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the event until later when he went home, saw it covered on all media and on the front pages of newspapers the next day. Over 500,000 people showed up for one of the seminal gatherings in rock history.