Court And Spark  

January 17, 1974 ~ A close #2 on my list of fav albums from The Chirp. It’s her sixth album and remains her most successful.

It’s #111 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. 

Like millions of others, the album helped me through high school and life.



Maggie Rogers Adds Obama, NPR Endorsements To Grammy Nomination

Capitol Records singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers is heading into the 2020 Grammy Awards, at which she has a Best New Artist nomination, with some notable endorsements. She figured on two prestigious year-end lists at NPR (National Public Radio) and on the “Favourite Music of 2019” list by no less than Barack Obama.

Source: Maggie Rogers Adds Obama, NPR Endorsements To Grammy Nomination

Court & Spark 

My analyst told me that I was right out of my head
But I said dear doctorI think that it’s you instead
Because I have got a thing that’s unique and new
To prove it I’ll have the last laugh on you
‘Cause instead of one head
I got two
And you know two heads are better than one …

~ Joni Mitchell, Trouble Child

January 1, 1974 ~

Forty-five years ago today, The Chirp releases her sixth album. It remains her most successful in terms of sales and it was a portend of what was to come for Joni’s musical journey.

It fuses both folk with touches of jazz and ended up being the seminal coming of age album for millions of young adults world-wide — including me. It’s “that album” that got me through the angst of high school and beyond.

It’s #111 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. For me, it’s Joni’s masterpiece.


If you were looking for that “fly with a buzz,” you weren’t going to find it on America’s debut album, released on December 29, 1971. The album didn’t include that track which was released as a single in late ’71. When it became a huge hit, America was re-released to include “A Horse With No Name.”

Source: America – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up …