There is no Eden or heavenly gates that you’re gonna make it to one day, But all of the answers you seek can be found in the dreams that you dream on the way.”

Dan Fogelberg
b. August 13, 1951

I was driving down the road yesterday listening to Deep Tracks when up pops something I hadn’t heard in years – Dan Fogelberg’s Part of the Plan. I didn’t know it but my high school years were marked by a fancy for The California Sound and 1974’s Souvenirs hit the sweet spot.

Then, this morning, I’m watching CBS Sunday Morning and up pops an excellent piece on Henry Dilitz. I’d seen the albums. We’ve all seen the albums. But, embarrassingly, I’d never heard of Dilitz.  Sure enough – one of the albums Dilitz shot was Dan Fogelberg’s Souvenirs.

If you want me I’ll be down in the basement finding out just how many Dilitz album covers are in the collection. How about you?