The Hillbilly Shakespear

Born on September 17, 1923, Hiram King “Hank” Williams Sr. scored his first hit in 1947 with “Move It On Over.” Although his career in the spotlight only lasted 4 years, in that 4 years he forever changed the face of popular music. His songs would be recorded by everyone from Perry Como to Isaac Hayes to the Melvins to Social Distortion.

Very few artists have transcended the genres like Hank and certainly no one has ever put words to paper quite like him. His nickname, “Hillbilly Shakespeare,” only speaks to his greatness.


“Real country – plain and simple.” 

George Strait releases his debut album — Strait Country — on September 4, 1981.  The album was released by MCA Records but only after dipping their feet in the water with one song — “Unwound.” It rocketed up the country charts and soon, MCA offered George his first record contract to finish the album. They continue the relationship some 30 albums later.