Learning to Crawl

The Pretenders third album is released on January 21, 1984 ~ kind of a come-back album as it’s the first after the deaths of James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon. It’s a strong come-back …



This is the stuff of rock n’ roll legend. April 3, 1980 ~ Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders are in Memphis in the middle of their first US tour. Chrissie gets into a disagreement with a patron at the the bar at which they’re performing. The police are called, Chrissie’s placed in the back of police car and she promptly kicks out the back window of the cruiser. She spends the night in jail but The Pretenders don’t miss the next night’s show at Poet’s Music Hall.


There are precious few albums of which you remember the first listen. I remember the first time I heard The Pretenders debut album, released on January 19, 1980. It was a radio station studio in the middle of a cornfield outside of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Track after track you knew this was — well — precious.