“‘cuz summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the streets, boy …”

Fearing it will incite riots, Chicago and other cities across the country ban The Rolling Stones’ Street Fighting Man on September 4, 1968 …


Chicago 1968

August 28, 1968 ~ At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, overzealous police in riot gear brutally beat protestors who are demonstrating against the Vietnam War. The Doors, Graham Nash and Chicago all write songs about it.

Just a kid and visiting my Big Sis in Wausau, I remember sitting in the living room of her apartment watching the whole scene unfold on TV. It was surreal and still feels like it was yesterday.

Disco … sucks.

The Insane Coho-Lips Anti Disco Army’s “finest” hour turns 40 today. The Loop’s Steve Dahl pulls off the mother of all radio promotions at Chicago’s Comiskey Park. Yes, things got out of hand. Yes, it did get a little scary. (OK, it got a lot scary.) But it’s legend. And remember — rock n’ roll isn’t always pretty.

WATCH: Terri Hemmert Delivers Her Midday Sign Off | 93 XRT

45 years on the air at WXRT, Chicago. What a run. Terri was blessed to be able to do the unthinkable in the business — make a deep run at the same radio station in the same town. Terri is blessed. But so are we. More so than she’ll ever know. Thank you, Terri.

“If you listen to this radio station, you are part of the family.”

Source: WATCH: Terri Hemmert Delivers Her Midday Sign Off | 93 XRT