Rick Parfitt

b. October 12, 1948 …

Wherever he and is band Status Quo went, that white Fender Telecaster was always there with him …

One More From The Road 

September 13, 1976 ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd release the live album.

Skynyrd had been a big supporter of rock promoter Alex Cooley and when he went on a drive to save the legendary Fox Theatre in Atlanta from demolition, they were the first to ask how they could “put some grease in the frying pan.” The result was one of the greatest live concert albums in rock.

Tres Hombres

We could tell that we had something special. The record became quite the turning point for us. The success was handwriting on the wall, because from that point we became honorary citizens of Memphis.

Billy F. Gibbons

That Lil ol’ band from Texas release their break-through album on July 26, 1973. It’s #498 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


Blue Oyster Cult released their self-titled debut album on January 16, 1972.

New York has produced its first authentic boogie beast, and with any luck this one should be around for awhile — I don’t think you should miss this album.

Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone Magazine

That Little Ol’ Band from Texas released their debut album on January 16, 1971. The record is produced by the legendary Bill Ham and is recorded in Tyler, Texas.