Stand Up

Released on August 1, 1969 ~ The second album from Jethro Tull.  It’s the debut album for guitarist Martin Barre who joins Tull after Mick Abrahams leaves the group due to creative differences with Ian Anderson. Mick wanted to stick with the bluesy stuff — Ian wanted to broaden the sound to include folk rock, classical and chamber. 

Glad we stuck with The Mad Floutist.

Lonnie Mack – The Wham of That Memphis Man

b. July 18, 1941. Commercially, Lonnie never quite attained the heights of those he influenced. But influence he did …

Guitar players, true musicians, and real music fans realize that Lonnie was the Jimi Hendrix of his time. Between the era of Chuck Berry and the era of Hendrix there were a handful of guitar players like Lonnie Mack who were making ground-breaking music that paved the way for the Revolution. People like Dickey Betts and Stevie Ray Vaughan would tell you that without Lonnie they wouldn’t be who they were. That goes for all of us.

Warren Haynes

The Band of Heathens Premieres “Black Cat”, Based On An Epic Immigrant Story

When The Band of Heathens heard a very tall tale about a man who immigrated to New York in the early 1900s, they were so mesmerized by the imaginative story that they wrote a song about it near moments later and recorded it the very next day. And it would develop to be an even greater contender, fairing as an essential track on their upcoming album Stranger, due for release on September 25.

Source: The Band of Heathens Premieres “Black Cat”, Based On An Epic Immigrant Story