“A rainbow after the storm …”


The Boys of Almost Spring …

Toronto Blue Jays catcher Caleb Joseph honored his “favorite drummer,” the late Neil Peart, by performing an air-drumming solo to Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio.”

Source: Watch Toronto Blue Jays Player Air Drum to Rush’s Neil Peart

‘cuz we kinda need this today … 

Darren Baker’s is all grown up …

Darren Baker was saved by J.T. Snow at the 2002 World Series. He’s now a standout infielder at Cal.


Source: Giants: Dusty Baker’s son from ’02 World Series now all grown up

Yankees’ Don Larsen dies at age 90 

By his own admission, Don Larsen was a most imperfect fellow and therefore about the unlikeliest man to ever pitch the only perfect game in World Series history. But pitch it he did, on October 8, 1956, a 97-pitch, 2-0 gem in Game 5 that gave the Yankees a 3-2 lead in the Series against the Dodgers and set them up for winning their sixth world championship in eight years under manager Casey Stengel.

Source: Yankees’ Don Larsen dies at age 90 – New York Daily News

The Church of Baseball

The reactions from fanatics during last night’s Brewer/Nats game remind me why I could easily live without social media. Jesus H. Christ on a biscuit, people …

Most — including me — were throwing dirt on top of the Brewers back on September 1. Yet somehow, the Brewers went 20 and 7 in September and made the playoffs.

Hader is not the bad guy. He was our set-up guy until Knebel went down. When Hader’s good, he’s great. When he’s gassed, he’s normal. But we wouldn’t have been in the Wild-Card without him.

Trent Grisham is not the bad guy. The MVP was on the bench and, without Grisham’s bat and glove in September — particularly after Yelich went down — and we’re not in the Wild-Card.

Finally, Counsell is not the bad guy. For the seond year in a row, he did it with smoke and mirrors. (The Brewers win and he’s Manager of the Year.)

Ryan Zimmerman’s broken-bat single in the 8th was an elegant, perectly-placed metaphor for the beauty, heartbreak and greatness that is the game of baseball.

Leo Durocher said, “Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand.”

Note: Photos via and courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. Thank you for a great year covering the Milwaukee Brewers!