The Smithereens third album turns 30 … released on October 18, 1989 …




Get on your knees time to pray, boy — Alice in Chains relase on September 29, 1992.

The album was recorded during the 1992 LA Riots. Jerry Cantrell said the riots did indeed affect the album to certain extent …

I was actually in a store buying some beer when some guy came in and started looting the place … also got stuck in traffic and saw people pulling other people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them. That was some pretty scary shit to have to go through, and it definitely affected the overall feel of the album.”

All Shook Down

This was supposed to be a solo Westy album but he got talked out of it by the band’s managment at the last minute. But a gander at the song credits and band line-up and it appears Westy didn’t get the full message. Never mind — it’s a great album and because the rest of the ‘Mats are AWOL, it left Westy to bring in some friends like Johnette Napolitano, John Cale, Benmont Tench, Terry Reid and others to assist.