Sweet Lou … 

(December 1, 1933 – January 6, 2006)



“Fire on The Mountain” turns 45 … 

There are times — usually when you’re growing up — when something so totally out of your musical roundhouse — something so different from that which you’re into at the time catches your ear, pushes you in a new direction and broadens your musical tastes. This album did that for me. Everything changed the first time I heard “Long Haired Country Boy.”

November 28, 1974: Fire On The Mountain is released.


Christmas and The Beads of Sweat

Laura Nyro releases her fourth on November 25, 1970. It’s the last of her trilogy of albums that includes “Eli and The Thirteenth Confession” and “New York Tendaberry.” The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section accompanies with David Hood doing the bass work on the entire album and Duane Allman is featured on “Beads of Sweat.” If you’re a folkie, this album is for you.