“I swear they’re out there … “

July 8, 1947 ~ The Air Force says it was just a weather balloon but a rancher in the area says it was more like a couple of saucers put together with flashing beam of lights. So begins a legacy of government coverups, denials and legend. Roswell’s city fathers did the smart thing and marked the date with an annual festival that continues today.


It’s about the black guy.

NOTE:   Originally posted on July 4, 2010.  Some would say we’ve taken some major steps backward. But I think we’re at an important part in our history where we can do great things. We’ll see. 

I didn’t volunteer for the Obama campaign because he was black.  I volunteered because I believed in the cause. The cause for change.  Still do.

African-Americans had other reasons to support his presidency. As well they should.  So, honestly, I was happy for the win not only because I wanted change, I was witnessing history. The thought of a black president in my lifetime was beyond my comprehension.

I was naïve to think we were ready for this.  Let’s be honest. When you strip everything away, the problem with the whole deal is  “He’s a Muslim. He wasn’t born here. He’s Hitler 2.0. He (fill in the blank here).”  But above all else, there are people out there – a lot of people out there – who just can’t get over that our President is black. They’ll deny it, point to all the “black friends” they have and then send yet another email a couple days later full of racist diatribe that, at the very least, reeks of disrespect for the Office of the Presidency. That is the disgrace. Not that the President had the gall to read “The Post American World.”

It’s July 4 and I’m a little sad. Not because Barack Obama can’t get anyone from the Republican party to work with him. But because there are so many people out there that with every fiber of their being do not want him to succeed. 

Do yourself a favor and read the latest from Dr. Stanley Kutler, one of Wisconsin’s treasures.  As usual he pretty much nails it.