The Father of Rock ‘n Roll

If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry …

John Lennon

Chuck Berry
b. October, 18, 1928

How Eddie Van Halen changed rock guitar-playing forever 

Even though I had no idea how to create the deviously mesmerizing sounds Eddie had produced on the instrument, I couldn’t help but admire it and think that it was this guitar, and a pair of divine hands, that was responsible for flipping the world of rock guitar-playing on its head.
~ Max Kalnitz, Insider

Source: How Eddie Van Halen changed rock guitar-playing forever – Insider

Sinead O’ Connor on SNL …

October 3, 1992 ~ Sinead O’ Connor is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and performs a stirring rendition of Bob Marley’s “War.”

She goes rogue though — changes some of the lyrics to be about child abuse, sings the song a capella and urges everyone to “fight the real enemy” while tearing up a photo of Pope Paul II (that had previously hung in her mother’s bedroom) at the end of the performance.

The live audience sat in somewhat stunned silence. Lorne Michaels had ordered that the “applause” sign NOT be used and in the matter of a few moments, Sinead O’ Connor became the most controversial and hated figure not only in music — but the world.

Ten years later, the Boston Globe does a story on wide-spread sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church.

While her performance was disturbing, Sinead was on to something. We just weren’t listening.