Court And Spark  

January 17, 1974 ~ A close #2 on my list of fav albums from The Chirp. It’s her sixth album and remains her most successful.

It’s #111 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. 

Like millions of others, the album helped me through high school and life.



Christmas and The Beads of Sweat

Laura Nyro releases her fourth on November 25, 1970. It’s the last of her trilogy of albums that includes “Eli and The Thirteenth Confession” and “New York Tendaberry.” The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section accompanies with David Hood doing the bass work on the entire album and Duane Allman is featured on “Beads of Sweat.” If you’re a folkie, this album is for you.

The Future

It’s my favorite from The Bard of The Bedroom … released on November 24, 1992 …

The days may not be fair, always

Yeah but that’s when I’ll be there, always

Not for just a second, or a minute, or an hour,

Not for just a weekend and a shake down in the shower,

Not for just the summer and the winter going sour,

But always, always, always …

Leonard Cohen, Always


I’m not alone and I know that. Millions have been moved by her music. Millions have used her music as a way to cope — as a way to grow. Few can turn a phase, write a lyric or paint a picture like Joni Mitchell. She’s a north star for a generation.

I told you went I met you I was crazy …

Happy birthday, Joni.