You can’t make this shit up.

Partying and drinking in bars and frat houses didn’t seem so bad either. But now we know. Besides, something tells me even if an expert DID say it was a bad idea for players to be in huddles, spitting and breathing on each other for 60 minutes, you’d still poo-poo it.

He has a point.

The recovery is on everywhere. Everywhere but the USA and Brazil. And, Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro is pretty much a Trump-clone so that explains that.

That said, Mr. Hayes has a point.

E.U. Plans to Bar Most U.S. Travelers When Bloc Reopens 

Europe will allow outsiders to begin entering again on July 1, but the U.S. and Russia are now among the nations considered too risky because they have not controlled the coronavirus outbreak.

I’m tired of winning.

Source: E.U. Plans to Bar Most U.S. Travelers When Bloc Reopens – The New York Times

As face masks are required, sheriffs refuse to enforce rules in Washington, Nevada, North Carolina 

With coronavirus infections rapidly spreading across the South and West and more states making face masks a requirement, dozens of sheriffs are staging a rebellion and putting their views of the Constitution before the advice of public health experts.

To the Governors and County Executives who have to deal with this, here is what you say:  “Give me your badge. You work for the citizens, not for yourself.”

Source: As face masks are required, sheriffs refuse to enforce rules in Washington, Nevada, North Carolina – The Washington Post

A Tale of Two Businesses …

Ever step in a place and that little voice says, ” This ain’t right …” (my little voice swears a lot and has a southern accent.)

I stopped at Gino’s on Verona Road and it didn’t go well. Right out of the gate, an extra from Duck Dynasty runs into me from behind the counter. No mask. I look around — no one behind the counter — or the cash register — had a mask. Just then, an unattended child runs by and that’s when Cletus ( he has a name, too) spoke up. I was disappointed because I’ve been going to Gino’s for years. But, if they’re not going to take this seriously, I can do without.

I was excited to find Sunn Cafe open in Mount Horeb. I walked in, everyone was respecting the social distancing, EVERYONE in the kitchen and at the counter were in masks. I ordered “The Bomb,” left the Babcock Hall Ice Cream for next time and thanked whomever for The Flying Burrito Brothers on the music box and for taking COVID seriously.

Listen — I know these are trying times for everyone, especially small businesses. But, if we’re going to try and help by stopping by, ordering online, doing curbside pick-up, you better do your part. Follow the recommendations and especially those of your customers. Don’t give me “that look” when I ask why no one is wearing masks. ‘Cuz I don’t care how good your lasagna is, I’m gone.

But, you do what you want.

Total and unequivocal

It starts at the top, folks. Pictures and words demonstrating the total and unequivocal lack of leadership and resolve on the part of the President of the United States, the White House and Senate leadership.

Aubrey Huff. Dick.

Aubrey Huff was what baseball people call “pedestrian” but clearly he thinks higher of himself than everyone else. (Reminds me of someone.) He’s urging other christian men to “stop turning the other cheek” and to “take up whips.” And, he would rather die from COVID-19 than wear a mask.

Laurie Kilmartin’s mom just passed from COVID and she’s been journaling the last few days. Aubrey’s timing is only slightly better than his swing.