The Stranger

It’s #70 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Released on September 29, 1977. It remains his best-selling album.

“Any of you guys know how to Madison?”  Rocky Horror turns 45

September 26, 1975 ~ The Rocky Horror Picture Show opens in Westwood, California, featuring a young Meat Loaf along with Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. The movie tanks but now … now it’s a cult classic, with audience members shouting back at the screen and bringing toast, toilet paper, and other assorted items to enhance the viewing experience. Dig it if you can.



Black Sabbath Vol 4 

Black Sabbath release “Vol 4” on September 25, 1972. The great Lester Bangs, who wasn’t a fan of the Sabbath’s earlier albums, came around with this one:

“We have seen the Stooges take on the night ferociously and go tumbling into the maw, and Alice Cooper is currently exploiting it for all it’s worth, turning it into a circus. But there’s only one band that’s dealt with it honestly on terms meaningful to vast portions of the audience, not only grappling with it in a mythic structure that’s both personal and powerful but actually managing to prosper as well. And that band is Black Sabbath.”