Sitting on a cornflake … 


… waiting for the van to come.

The Beatles mix “I Am The Walrus” at Abby Road ~ September 29, 1969 …

“The band that will destroy you in more ways than one.” ~ Eric Burdon 

September 17, 1967 ~ Keith Moon of The Who rigs his bass drum to explode at the end of “My Generation” during their appearance on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, but he doesn’t realize that the stage crew has already done the deed. The resulting explosion cuts Moon’s leg, singes Pete Townshend’s hair and an eardrum, and scares the shit out of fellow guests Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney.


Chuck Berry Does The Duck Walk – September 8, 1955

So, The Father of Rock ‘n Roll is on the bill for Alan Freed’s “Rock ‘n Roll Spectacular” in Brooklyn, NY and notices he has some wrinkles in his suit. Every concerned with style, Chuck crouches with his guitar on stage to try and hide the wrinkles …

He squats on one leg while hopping across the Paramount Theater stage — one of Berry’s first shows outside of St. Louis, where he has been performing with his trio (piano player Johnnie Johnson and drummer Ebby Harding) since 1952. Their suits get wrinkled on the way to New York, so Berry keeps that crouch to conceal them, improvising his duck walk along the way. The crowd goes nuts, so Berry does it at the rest of the shows, where it wows the crowd every time. It becomes the signature move for The Father of Rock ‘n Roll. 

Chicago 1968

August 28, 1968 ~ At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, overzealous police in riot gear brutally beat protesters who are demonstrating against the Vietnam War. The Doors, Graham Nash and Phil Ochs all write songs about it.

Just a kid and visiting my Big Sis in Wausau, I remember sitting in the living room of her apartment watching the whole scene unfold on TV. It was surreal and still feels like it was yesterday.