Happy 80th, Ringo!

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All we are saying … is give peace a chance

July 7, 1960 ~ Lennon releases Give Peace a Chance in the US. Recorded on May 31, 1969 at their bed-in in Montreal designed to promote world peace. Many visited them over their 8-day stay, including Tommy Smothers, Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg. Smothers also played guitar on this. Along with his brother, Dick, Smothers had a TV show from 1967-1969 called The Smothers Brothers’ Comedy Hour. The show was canceled after Tommy complained about CBS censoring their political skits.

It was Lennon’s first hit after the Beatles break. It became an antham of the anti-war movement.

2nd Atlanta International Pop Festival …

… turns 50. July 3 – 5, 1970.

The 3-day rock festival was held in a soybean field next to the Middle George Raceway in Byron. Governor Lester Maddox didn’t like hippies and tried mightily to stop the event. He couldn’t but he did get legislation passed that made it almost impossible to do outdoor concerts. Thus, a 3rd Atlanta International Pop Festival never happened.

The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles

The Rolling Stones never appeased Garcia’s appetite in the same way that their compatriot’s The Beatles did: “Garcia thought, The Rolling Stones’ music was not that much of a surprise, because I’d listened to a lot of rhythm and blues, and early Rolling Stones was similar to that music, although not as well done. But the Beatles were doing something new and they had great musical ideas and a great thing going. Plus, seeing the movie Hard Day’s Night was a turn-on.”

~ David Nelson, New Riders of The Purple Sage

Source: The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia opinion on The Beatles