This is the stuff of rock n’ roll legend. April 3, 1980 ~
Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders are in Memphis in the middle of their first US tour. Chrissie gets into a disagreement with a patron at the the bar at which they’re performing. The police are called, Chrissie’s placed in the back of police car and she promptly kicks out the back window of the cruiser. She spends the night in jail but The Pretenders don’t miss the next night’s show at Poet’s Music Hall.


Stephen Colbert Shares Previously Unseen Duet With John Prine 

I’d like to take a moment right now to send out a personal message to a friend. Last week, our friend — and yours — the musical great John Prine was placed on a ventilator with coronavirus symptoms. My thoughts are with John and his wife, Fiona, and his family. And everybody out there touched by this virus.”

Source: Stephen Colbert Shares Previously Unseen Duet With John Prine – Rolling Stone

Jesus, Mary and Joseph — how many other rubes are in charge around the country? (sarcasm mine)