Black Eyed Man

Black Eyed Man

Cowboy Junkies release their fifth album on February 11, 1992. It’s my fav Junkies album mainly because it’s a little more country rock-ish than the others.

Jimmy Dale Gilmore stopped by the sessions to take a swing at a duet with Margo. No one was really happy with that combo and that’s how John Prine came to sing with Margo on “If You Were The Woman and I Was The Man.”

And, then there’s Townes Van Zant. TVZ wrote “Cowboy Junkies Lament” during the “Caution Horses” tour — he made music with the band after they invited him to join them on the road. Michael Timmins wrote “Townes Blues” as a hat-tip to the singer-songwriting legend. They also cover “To Live Is To Fly” on the album.

So .. no wonder I took a shine to this one.

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