Jamaica Mistaica 

Jamaica Mistaica 

January 16, 1996 ~

Jamaican police mistake Jimmy Buffett for a drug smuggler and shoot at his seaplane after it lands in the water. Bono of U2 is on board with his family.

The plane is hit a few times, shattering the windshield and doing damage to the fuselage, but no one is hurt. “It was absolutely terrifying and I honestly thought we were all going to die,” Bono says.

Because he’s one of the best storytellers around, Buffett turns the incident into the song “Jamaica Mistaica,” where he sings:

We had only come for chicken

We were not the ganja plane

Well you should have seen their faces

When they finally realized

We were not some coked-up cowboys

Sportin’ guns and alibis

Jimmy Buffett, Jamaica Mistaica
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