Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

January 13, 1968 ~ Backed by June, Carl Perkins and The Tennessee Three, Johnny Cash performs at Folsom Prison before 2000 inmates.

The Man In Black plays two shows for inmates at Folsom Prison in California. Unlike his previous prison concerts, they are recorded and packaged into his acclaimed live album “At Folsom Prison.”

Cash had been playing prisons since 1957 and had become an advocate for reform. He had never recorded one of his penitentiary shows, as his label, Columbia Records, didn’t like the idea of their artist being associated with a jail.

“At Folsom Prison” lands at #1 on the Country chart and got Cash his own TV series the following year. He cites it as one of his greatest accomplishments, as it helps draw attention to the plight of prisoners.


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