Nirvana — September 9, 1992

During the MTV Video Music Awards, Nirvana play “Lithium.” Some of you might remember Krist misjudging the fly-ball after he tosses his bass high in the air near the end. The resulting smack in the noggin staggers him pretty good  Still — an awesome performance.

BTW, that’s Guns ‘N Roses basist Duff Mckagen at the end of the performance yapping, “Hi Axel!” into the mic. Cobain and Axel Rose had been feuding for awhile and it looked like this was the night things would come to head.

Cobain had once said GNR was a band “with nothing to say.” Later, Rose said at a concert that both Cobain and Courtney Love were “fuckin’ junkies.”

At these MTV Music Awards, Love and Rose run into each other backstage and Love mockingly asks Rose if he’d “… be the godfather to their new baby.” On and on it goes, ending with Cobain’s suicide.