Blind Faith at Madison Square Garden

Blind Faith kicks off their maiden US tour at “The Garden” on July 12, 1969. Their debut album isn’t even out yet but that doesn’t matter — it’s a sell-out mainly because of Clapton’s guitar-god star power.

There’s a bit of controversy and legend attached to the event. Near the end of concert, many notice one of Ginger Baker’s drum sticks shatter and fly off the edge of the stage. An eager fan jumps up to grab it and is mauled by a security guy. Ginger didn’t like the treatment of the fan, jumps off his perch behind the drums and uses the other good drumstick to lay some beats on the security guy’s melon. The ensuing melee causes the concert to end abruptly with Clapton, Winwood and Baker being escorted from the stage.

Rock legend.