Hell freezes over.

Back in 1980, after an Alan Cranston fundraiser show where Glenn Frey and Don Felder were famously at each other’s throats for the whole show, someone asked Don Henley when we’d see Eagles on stage together again. He replied, “It’ll happen when hell freezes over.”

Well, on May 27, 1994, it happened.

After a 14-year hiatus, the Eagles reunite for a show in Burbank, California, closing the show with “Desperado.” They soon launch their “Hell Freezes Over” tour, which becomes the first tour to charge more than $100 for a substantial number of tickets.

In 1993, the five band members get back together to appear in the video for Travis Tritt’s remake of “Take It Easy.” The shoot goes so well, they decide to get the band back together. Henley and Frey write a new song, “Get Over It,” which they perform along with three other new songs and a smattering of their classic hits for an MTV special in April 1994. The two-day shoot results in Hell Freezes Over, a live album released in November.

In May, they set out for a tour, opening with five shows in their stronghold of Irvine Meadows in Laguna Hills, California. Arranged by their longtime manager Irving Azoff, the ticket prices are set at extraordinarily high prices, with many going for over $100. By setting the prices so high, it sends a message that this thing is huge. The tour is scheduled to end in 1995, but is so successful they keep it going another year, including a European leg. It comes to a conclusion after 160 shows with 3.4 million tickets sold. The Eagles are the top touring act of 1995, with $63.3 million in ticket sales for 58 shows.