It’s Packer/Bear week … 

It’s Packer/Bear week … 

Originally posted a bunch of years ago. But it’s Packers/Bears Week so … let’s review. See the update below.

The Green Bay Packers vs. The Chicago Bears. It’s pretty damn special.  This thing has history and story lines too numerous to mention. You have your own special moments, I’m sure.  Here are mine:

1980:  I’m working at WAPL and one of my good friends and fellow jock, Bob Clifford, is a huge Bear fan, hailing from Chicago.  Bob Lloyd, the legendary curmudgeon Fox Valley sportscaster has been wearing his “F**K the Bears” t-shirt all week and gets the young bucks at “that flamethrower station” some tickets to the game. Unfortunately, we can’t sit together. Cliff and I are on opposite sides of Lambeau.  A huge wager of something or the other is on the line and it’s a low scoring, defensive game – again.  Tied in the 4th quarter,  Lynn Dickey (remember the bumper sticker, “You can beat our Pack but you can’t lick our Dickey”) hits James Lofton to get the Packers in field goal range with seconds left in the game. Chester Marcol, in those goofy horn rimmed glasses, lines up for the game winning field goal but has it blocked.  I remember standing for the kick, seeing it blocked and then plopping into my seat, dejected. But fans were still screaming and as someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up, I get to see Chester running the ball into the end zone.  The guy had the blocked kick fall right into his arms and had ran for his life to the game winning touchdown. We get back to the car and Cliff is furious. Not talking to anyone. The next morning, the Appleton Post Crescent has a picture of Chester running the blocked kick into the end zone.  Better still – and I swear to God it’s true – you can see Cliff in the background of the picture, cigarette hanging from his mouth in a look of disbelief as the Packers beat his beloved Bears on a blocked kick touchdown.  Packers 12  Bears 6

1985:  Bears coach Mike Ditka and Packers coach Forrest Gregg didn’t like each other.  Didn’t like each other when players.  Didn’t like each other when coaches. Hell – they probably still don’t like each other.  That temperament filtered down to the players and it made for some hellacious plays over the Gregg/Ditka years.

I pulled into Lambeau early to tailgate to see the water tower within view of Lambeau displaying “Packers Suck.”  Seems an Illinois company was painting the tower during Packer/Bear week and did what any good football fan would do.  The Bears showed up earlier to find bags of “fertilizer” stacked in front of their locker door.  A radio station left a note stating this is what they thought the Bears were full of. (I know nothing of this.)

The game was pure Packer/Bear football. Six personal fouls were called — in the first half.  Mark Lee tackled Walter Payton, road him out of bounds and right into the Bear bench. He was tossed from the game. But this classic occurred just before half when Ken Stills, who had drilled QB Jim McMahon after an interception in the 1st quarter, tattooed  Bear fullback Matt Suhey after the whistle.  I mean way after the whistle. I mean players were walking back to the huddle. Suhey was standing still looking at a pile of players and Stills hits him like a missile.  Flags, ejection. Infamy. Bears 16  Packers 10.

1986: Charles Martin pile-drives Jim McMahon into the turf.  The Gregg/Ditka years were some of the best. Bears 12 Packers 10

1989: Another Packer/Bear game I attended this time with Dennis Krause AKA Jack Mitchell from 101.5 WIBA. The “After further review, we have a touchdown” occurring right in front of us.  Don Majikowski throws a TD to Sterling Sharpe (haven’t forgotten the hold-out, Sterling) but a ref throws a flag saying Majik was over the line of scrimmage. A few minutes later, Instant Replay proves he wasn’t. Touchdown stands.  Packers 14  Bears 13

1995: Oddly, there aren’t many classics for me during the Favre years mainly because Favre and the Packers owned the Bears during those years. But one game stands out – the game where no one thought Favre could play on a badly sprained ankle.  He played.Almost 350 yards passing and 5 touchdowns. 800 plus yards in total offense and only LerRoy Butler’s interception of Erik Cramer with less than 2 minutes remaining secures a Packer win.  Packer 35   Bears 28

But … here’s my favorite …


January 23, 2011:  Aaron Rogers shows he can play defense with a touchdown-saving arm-tackle of Brian Urlacher and B.J. Raji picks off Mr. Haney and runs it in for a touchdown.  Packers 21  Bears 14

December 29, 2013:  No words. Just watch.

November 9, 2014: The Packers beat the Bears like a rented mule. 

September 9, 2018:  The “Broken Leg Comeback” game.

The Green Bay Packers vs. The Chicago Bears.  It’s in the DNA of NFL football now. It’s a rivalry every football player and every football fan knows about. Grab a High Life. It’s time for the oldest rivalry in the NFL.

(PS to Bear Fan:  How many rings you got?)

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