Not just today …

Originally posted November 11, 2010

It’s Veteran’s Day.  Don’t just post a message on the Internets and call it day. Find a vet, shake his/her hand and say “thank you.”  And not just today but every day. My musky hunting partner served in the first Iraq war. Can’t shake his hand but I’ll give him a call and tell him what his service meant to me.

Lots of vets come home and they’re never the same. Others seemingly pick up where they left off and carry on with their lives. The Musky Hunter is one of the lucky ones.   Either way, we should do what a thankful nation should do and take care of all our veterans, young or old. Whatever it takes.

This year, I’ll not just shake his hand, but I’ll take him to lunch, too. Find a Veteran and thank him or her for her service today. 

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