Molly Hatchet

The debut album from southern rockers Molly Hatchet is released on September 1, 1978.

Interesting story: In 1979, while on tour, Molly Hatchet has a stop at the Brown County Area in Green Bay coming up. In prep for that show, the band does some interviews and I get one with lead singer Danny Joe Brown and Steve Holland — one of the three guitar onslaught that made Molly Hatchet’s sound unique.

Danny Joe was a great interview — laid back, conversational, loved to talk Packers and stuff other than rock n’ roll. Holland was the exact opposite — in short — a dick.

His dickishness continued right through after the show when backstage, Holland hits on my my date while I’m in the can. I come out, he’s got her backed up to the wall, I get between the two and things get out of hand. Duane Roland — one of the other guitartists and founding member of Molly Hatchet — steps in and stops the mismatch. I got the shit kicked out of me but that girl came home with me. (Thank you, Jackson …)