We’re Americans. And we’re better than this.

Some members of Congress visit an internment camp in Texas (yes, that’s what they are) and find the worst. The stuff Propublica uncovered shows what happens when there’s a complete lack of leadership. It shows that words and actions matter. Hell, the President of The United States shows no respect for humanity — why should we? (And don’t even think of bringing up Trump and abortion. He’s a master panderer and nothing more)

No, instead we’ll show a complete lack of respect for Members of Congress. Superiors wave it all off as Customs and Border Patrol agents having to “blow off steam” because they’re under a lot of pressure. That’s a whole bunch of bullshit and everyone knows it.

Sick and dirty children, crying toddlers with no adults in sight. Children taking care of children. It’s an unconscionable scene. But here’s my question: Were are the evangelicals? The ones supporting Trump? Their absence speaks volumes. They’re buffet Christians. They’re fake Christians. The words and works of Jesus? They talk a good game in order to tend the flock and keep the money rolling in but they’re not real Christians. Real Christians would not tolerate what we’re doing to other human beings without speaking out. Real Americans would not tolerate this without speaking out. We’re better than this. At least we used to be.