Best 2019 Albums So Far — And Where To Stream Them – Stereogum

I’m sorry, but the fact that Jenny Lewis’ “On The Line” is nowhere to be found is dumb. The only good thing about whatever the hell this is is the fact you can find the music listed here easily. Other than that, it’s pretty useless.

Music has always been a vast universe to explore, and that sense of the unconquerable infinite has only intensified in an age of on-demand streaming and easily accessible recording equipment. The flow of new sounds is so constant, so voluminous, and so diverse that no one could ever claim to have a handle on all of it, not even those of us who listen all day every day. So in a sense attempting to sum up the best music in a given timeframe is a fool’s errand. But unless you’re a walking caricature, best-of lists aren’t really about putting a definitive stamp on a given time period. They’re about celebrating music we love, sharing that zeal with others, helping people filter through the endless options. They’re about passion, debate, appreciation. They are scrapbooks that become time capsules, points of view that become points of entry. As we reach the midpoint of 2019, the perspectives that comprise the Stereogum staff have come together once again to toast the music that excited us

Source: Best 2019 Albums So Far — And Where To Stream Them – Stereogum