Kamala Harris, Call-Out Star

The toughest progressive we’ve seen in a long time.

 David Brooks, NYTimes
The more you learn about Kamala Harris, the more formidable she appears.

Amy Klobuchar may be best equipped to send the president packing

Her special strength, however, is her temperament. Baseball, it has been said, is not a game you can play with your teeth clenched. That is also true of politics, another day-by-day game with a long season. It requires an emotional equipoise, a blend of relaxation and concentration, stamina leavened by cheerfulness. Klobuchar laughs easily and often. If the nation wants an angry president, it can pick from the many seething Democratic aspirants, or it can keep the president it has. If, however, it would like someone to lead a fatigued nation in a long exhale, it can pick a Minnesotan, at last.

George F. Will

Roach: a boomer’s plea

As a citizen born at the outset of Eisenhower’s term, I have seen a half century of history and presidents. With that in mind, let me say: DO NOT ELECT A BABY BOOMER. 

By: John Roach
Roach: a boomer's plea