Steve Mnuchin Has Some Explaining to Do 

These guys are so out of their league and are doing so much damage to our intelligence standing in the world that it’s beyond words. It will take years – even decades to repair the damage.

Why did the Treasury secretary sign off on a list of Russians to sanction that was ripped off from Forbes magazine?


Source: POLITICO Magazine


You are a waste of skin

To those of you using the GOP train crash as some “sign” or taking glee in the unfortunate accident — I have no time for you. You are useless and you’re part of the problem with politics today.  You … are a waste of good skin.

Someone lost a life today. And, I don’t agree with many of those riders on the train but they are husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. Let’s not lose site of that. If that doesn’t matter to you, you don’t matter to me. Go away.