The National Symphony Orchestra is going to jam live to House of Cards

We promise we’re not making that up.


When House of Cards released all 13 episodes of its first season in 2013, it ushered in the current television epoch of binge watching, allowing viewers to consume entire seasons in a single, glorious marathon. For fans of Frank and Claire Underwood, that means television paradise: 13 hours of watching Frank and Claire Underwood claw and climb the spires of American politics.

There’s a downside to the binge watch, however. By chewing through a season in an entire evening, fans sets themselves up for waiting an entire year, kicked off by a post-binge withdrawal that falls somewhere between a day-after-Halloween stomach ache and a Four Loko hangover.

But on Thursday, Underwood devotees can get their fix — and this time to a soundtrack.

The National Symphony Orchestra will be at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to play a House of Cards-themed symphony with a video montage of scenes from the show’s first four seasons.

The show, slated to last around 80 minutes, will feature orchestral music arranged by Jeff Beal, who wrote the series’ score. Beal said that the video interludes wouldn’t “necessarily spoil” plot points from the four seasons of the show. Rather than rehashing plot elements, each symphony movement has been based on a character or a theme, with some sections focusing on Claire Underwood and the concept of “betrayal.”

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