J.J. Cale – Old Blue (by hajoh96)


“It feels like closing out the last chapter of your favorite book.”

My Big Sister just called. She and my Big Bro-in-law said the closing was fast, easy and the young women who bought Mom’s condo is thrilled. A bonus is that she works for UW Credit Union – it’s indeed a small world.

I’m glad it’s over.  Standing in the middle of that empty condo last weekend was almost as hard as the drive home after I said goodbye to Mom. But Alan’s right – “It’s like the end of the last chapter of your favorite book.”

Former MLB Scrub Admits Steroid Use

A former Major League Baseball player went on TV today and admitted to using steroids. The reason our baseball media haven’t collapsed onto the national fainting couch is either that Buster Olney is still down there, rolling around and making whimpering noises about Ryan Braun, or that the player in question is Robert Fick.

Former MLB Scrub Admits Steroid Use

Why is it so hard to think that the vast amounts of chemicals, fungicides and bio “this” and “that” we put on our crops could actually be causing the decline of the bee population? You would think that Big Ag would at some point realize that if there are no more bees, there are no more crops. And, if there are no more crops, their bottom-line will suffer. What am I missing here?

 (via Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought – Quartz)