Pastor Apologizes For Snide Remark On Meal Receipt

So very christian of him …


Hunting by liberal, urban, locavores is a trend good for the environment.

Tip ‘o the Hat to co-conspirator, James F. Shurts for this read in Slate. I think I’m experiencing the first of what I’m sure will be many instances where, having lived long enough now and getting a tad long in the tooth, things start “comin’ ’round.”

When I started hunting and fishing as a youngster in Northeastern Wisconsin, it was expected that you fend for yourself in the woods and on the water. Jeezaloo, we got time off from school for the opening of deer season!  But as time moved on, people with best intentions started to question the “ethics” and basis for hunting. On top of that, I moved to the hotbed of best intentions and high-consciousness – Madison, Wisconsin. It was damn hard being a Progressive Democrat hunter in Madison and I thought it a sure sign of the apocalypse when Patricia “paint hunters with a broad brush” Randolph ended up on the Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

I would surely love to see the look on her face as she reads this.

The Jack Donaghy Insult Generator

30 Rock’s final episode is upon us. There’s so much we’ll miss about the show, from Jenna’s odd pronunciation of camera to all of the great moments in eye-rolling. But one of the show’s staples doesn’t have to leave us. Instead, it can live forever, preserved right here for you: Jack Donaghy’s magical insults. With each click, you can be put in your own middle-class — or even under-class! — place, with a shabby wardrobe and little hope for professional advancement, over and over again. Good God, Lemon, we’re gonna miss this.

I guess this and reruns will have to do …

Chrissie Hynde’s advice to chick rockers

From Sire Records’ promo for The Pretenders’ album “Last of the Independents.”

• Don’t moan about being a chick, refer to feminism or complain about sexist discrimination. We’ve all been thrown down stairs and fucked about, but no one wants to hear a whining female. Write a loosely disguised song about it instead and clean up ($).

• Never pretend you know more than you do. If you don’t know chord names, refer to the dots. Don’t go near the desk unless you plan on becoming an engineer.

• Make the other band members look and sound good. Bring out the best in them; that’s your job. Oh, and you better sound good, too.

• Do not insist on working with “females”; that’s just more b.s. Get the best man for the job. If it happens to be a woman, great — you’ll have someone to go to department stores with on tour instead of making one of the road crew go with you.

• Try not to have a sexual relationship within the band. It always ends in tears.

• Don’t think that sticking your boobs out and trying to look fuckable will help. Remember you’re in a rock and roll band. It’s not “fuck me,” it’s “fuck you”!

• Don’t try to compete with the guys; it won’t impress anybody. Remember, one of the reasons they like you is because you don’t offer yet more competition to the already existing male egos.

• If you sing, don’t “belt” or “screech.” No one wants to hear that shit; it sounds “hysterical.”

• Shave your legs, for chrissakes!

• Don’t take advice from people like me. Do your own thing always.

I love this. Be sure to click on the link for some classic, live Chrissie …

Obama: Gun control supporters must listen more

Yes – gun control supporters must realize this is not a “all or nothing” issue. There are gun – owners out there who actually support a rational and logical gun control initiative. There are gun-owners out there who know the U.S. Government will not be coming for our guns. There are gun-owners out there who realize the NRA is more a self-perpetuating money machine than an advocate for shooting outdoors people.

That said, gun control supporters need to respect the nation’s gun heritage. Gun control supporters need to call out the zealots on THEIR side as much as the gun – advocates do on THEIR side. Gun control supporters need to listen.

And who better to point that out than the President.

Wisconsin Bankers Association struggles to justify its attack on consumers

Earlier this week, credit union people from throughout Wisconsin gathered in Madison for their annual Governmental Affairs Conference. Close to 150 people visiting their legislators and staff in and about the State Capitol.  We had a great story to tell – from  2007 and through arguably one of the deepest recessions since “the big one” – credit unions have saved Wisconsin consumers nearly $1 billion by “…providing fewer and lower fees, lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings.”  If that isn’t enough, credit unions have also saved consumers by “…providing competition that helps keep banks’ rates and fees lower and more competitive.”

And that right there is the burr on the ass of the bankers. 

The Wisconsin Bankers Association’s latest press release states that “the Wisconsin Credit Union League struggles to justify the credit union tax exemption.”  Are you kidding me?  Saving Wisconsin consumers nearly $1 billion isn’t justification for having a not-for-profit financial cooperative alternative for consumers? The bankers will waive the flag and call credit unions “un-American” because they don’t pay taxes. (Of course, credit unions pay taxes. The only tax they don’t pay is corporate income tax, because they are a cooperative and return those earnings to their member-owners.)

Listen – anytime you see a banker whining about credit unions, remember this:  they’re really whining about not being able to charge higher fees, pay lower rates on savings, or charge higher rates on loans to consumers. It’s that simple. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I work for a credit union.  And I’m damn proud of it. 

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